Ode to Dionysus

Bring forth more wine!
we hath reason to celebrate
Our king and God so free and great
brought forth by Zeus from Hera’s watch
and kept away by woodland lock
drunkard and a genius too
loved by the great romantic view
we feast on literature and song
and wash it down with Antigone
Sophocles is his prophet great
and Oedipus became his babe
we dance through our lives in the woods
and on the mossy ground make love
in passion we can’t help but sin
to naughty nymphs we are but kin
outcast from autocratic rule
so we drown in alcoholic pool
but we are free not tied by law
run feral on the forest floor
the wild cult of sex and drugs and
rock and roll, this here is our land
our art is born from his nature
and literature is his nurture
we rise above our civil hate
bow down to human love innate
so join us in our festivities
to Dionysus! Toast to thee!


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