In the Lakes

In the lakes the water sparkles
even as the sky grows darker,
and moonlight reflects in the hills
where midnight trees are holding still;
Silence descends upon the land
and we all rest at Hypnos hand.
The stars alight our quiv’ring sky
under which night creatures take flight;

Fairy tales alive take control,
they breathe the very mountain’s soul;
princesses dance through villages;
adventurers do climb the ridge;
dragons swoop down through blazing fire
burning through Orpheus’ lyre;
red dancing shoes claim the forest,
and stories end in sorrow’s jest.

As day breaks our life does awake,
and dreams return to mystic lakes;
the land is kissed by warming sun,
and rain caresses farmers young;
memory of the magic does cease
but a lucky few still can see
the mystic power of the scene,
and gift to you, in words, our dreams;


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