Cupid’s Elegy

Dear Cupid, how could you just let my poor heart bleed itself to death?
I, under your watchful eye, have longed for lovers’ breath
but you have hurt me; have stolen my own innocence from me
leaving me with nothing to show but my heart as it bleeds-

When I first saw your love, you captured my affection with your eyes,
making me fall for your sweet, musical lullabies;
played on a harp- carved from heavens own gold- to woo a girl so young,
and strung with her heartstrings; till the war was won.

So now I lie drowning in a pool tainted by my eyes gaze upon pain;
Death, though, is easier than living on in vain.
I will go quietly to the grasp of Hades’ Underworld- and to hell-
Dear Cupid, I hope my lonesome heart has served you well.


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