An Ode to those who came before

As Sophocles in the stands
watched golden chariots fly by;
in the dust of Athenian sand
tragic imagination flies-

As Virgil by his passions pen
allows for travel back in time,
to days when Rome was but two men,
and constructs city walls in rhyme-

As Shakespeare’s sonnets weave his heart
through painted leaves of lovers’ words,
where music is the food of art
and timeless ladies can be heard-

As Aemilia fights her war,
and Eve gives her apology;
she takes upon the women’s cause,
where Adam picks fruit from the tree-

As Milton takes the devil’s fall,
armies storming down into hell,
when Eve, she hears the serpent call
and Felix Culpa breaks our cell-

As Swift and Pope bring their satire
to our table, classically strewn,
with distaste for bourgeoisie fire
and language for ladies so lewd-

As Wordsworth’s daffodils delight
the idyllic land of the lakes;
Romantic looks at country life
and poetry for poets sake-

As Browning tells us his dark tales
of poisoned ladies at the kings;
the murderess behind the veil
and o’ how jealous love can sting-

As years of verse today is read,
and still the story must go on,
good Literature, she bows her head,
to the ode to her daughters and sons-

Note from the poet: Hey guys! So I wrote this poem in honor of World Poetry Day as a celebration of all the poets who have inspired me over the years! I’d love to hear back from my fellow poets/poetry lovers on who inspires you so please comment with your poetic recommendations! Happy World Poetry Day!


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